At the end of the middle ages, the bay of Gramvousa was the scene of pirate battles. The Venetians built here a powerful fortress (137m above the sea level) which holds many secrets and treasures and you will be able to visit the vestiges.On arrival you will have a unique view of the Balos Lagoon. Gramvousa Island is just in front of our eyes, with its gorgeous Venetian fortress. Gramvousa is the place where the borders of three seas meet: Aegean, Libyan and Ionian.
The water is so clear and beautiful there, that fifteen shades of water color can be distinguished.

Pay attention:
1. For excursion is necessary: comfortable shoes, head wear, comfortable clothing. We recommend to take swimming suites, sun cream, towels.
2. On the ship for extra charge you can have a lunch and to rent umbrellas.
3. There is en extra ecological fee to be paid on spot.

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