Elafonissi – The Beach of Pink Sand

Elafonissi is a small isle on the southwest of Crete, about 3 sq. km. It is connected to the mainland by shallow reef (max. depth 1 meter) that allows crossing when the sea is calm. The temperature here is always a bit higher, than on the other beaches.
Walking on the beach of Elafonissi you can find various plants and bushes, small frog, endemic to the island and various lizards considered a protected species. Another unique feature of this place is the color of the sand which is pink.
According to studies conducted by the Greek Ministry of the Environment the island serves as a breeding spot for the caretta-caretta sea turtle. You will also visit cave-church of Agia Sofia, climb the legendary steps of Chrisoskalitis and see the miracle-working icon. After the visit of the church, visit the beach to relax and sunbathe.
Pay attention:
1. For excursion is necessary: comfortable shoes, head wear, comfortable clothing. We recommend to take swimming suites, sun cream, towels.
2. For monastery visit it is necessary to cover the knees and shoulders. Entrance fees are at extra charge.

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