Two days tour Delphi-Meteora

Visit Ancient Delphi and Meteora, two legendary UNESCO World Heritage sites, on a 2-day tour. The first miraculously site , Meteora, is not only one of the most visited places by the orthodox Christians and widely popular among tourists but also by Greeks themselves. This complex of huge rocks, on top of which the monasteries lying like birds’ nests, is an amazing natural phenomenon.

The acquaintance with the second miracle will remain in your heart forever: visit Delphi, a unique archaeological site at the footstep of the mount Parnassus, unofficial capital of Ancient Greece, with its sanctuary — a temple of Apollo, where once sat the legendary Oracle “Pythia”, giving the mysterious predictions from the name of god. In this temple a stone — «omphalos» (navel of the Earth), symbolizing the center of the Earth was found. You will also admire the antique statues , among which a unique bronze Charioteer of the 5th century BC, in the Archaeological Museum of Delphi admire the antique statues, among them — a unique bronze Charioteer of the 5th century BC. e. On the way back to Athens, short stop at the Thermopyles , a monument dedicated to Leonidas and his 300 Spartans.
Day of the tour: Monday — Tuesday
Duration of the tour : 2 days

*entrance fees paid on spot

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